Safety at Matheson Hammock Park

Wind Directions: 

N: North wind is off shore wind. Northerly wind conditions are not good for Matheson Hammock Park because the wind has to travel over land before it gets into the beach. Obstacles (such as buildings, etc) can cause whirlpools, wind rolls and generally gusty conditions and therefore does not create a safe riding environment. We do not recommend kiting on these conditions.  Typically, offshore conditions are difficult for beginners because in order to return to the shore you must be able to comfortably stay upwind.

NE: Northeast direction means on shore wind, a rideable wind direction for Matheson Hammock. Wind will be gusty, thus launching and landing are very critical, as a sharp gust could take you in to the parking area. My recommendation is to launch and land at least 2 times the distance of the lines (approximately 50m/150 ft) from the shore to prevent any accidents, followed by moving upwind as soon as possible. Stay away from the west side of the sandbar as the water is deep and it is easy to get blown into the channels and houses at the periphery.

E: East wind is side on shore. This wind is excellent for Matheson Hammock Park. Downwind of the beach would be the deep side or the channel of the sandbar. If you are not an advanced rider, stay away from the deep water and channels on the west side of the beach. Launching and landing are safe, because even with strong gusts you won’t be pulled onto land.

SE: Southeast wind is side off shore. Because the direction of the wind and the position of the land, the wind will create a wind shadow on the shore, meaning that the wind will feel less strong; about 5 to 8 knots. To prevent any accidents make sure you check the wind speed before you choose the size of the kite. Beginners must keep themselves on the upwind side of the sandbar. Do not go to the deep side of the beach (any north and west side of the beach) as there are the hazards of deep water and the channels.

S: South wind is off shore wind. Like north wind, this direction isn’t good for Matheson Hammock Park (see “North” above). We do not recommend kiting in these conditions.


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